• Efficient supply management is a difficult undertaking for one location – managing multiple locations becomes even more complex. SurgiCare’s Site-Management functionality lets you manage all locations from a single viewpoint. Based on individual privileges, users can easily view and maintain stock levels, purchase orders, and preference cards located at individual or multiple locations.

    SurgiCare features a multiple-site based platform that allows sites (office locations) to share a master inventory list. This allows for proper consolidation and monitoring of med-surge supplies across multiple locations. Since there is no installation required, our web-based software can be used from any computer that is connected to the Internet allowing access to all locations.

    With SurgiCare offices can easily request items from other office locations, and quickly create Pick Lists to scan and pull items to be shipped from one location to another.

    Medical Inventory Tracking

Multi-Site Key Functionality

  • Supports Multiple Facility (Site) Locations.

  • Requisition-List Functionality for sites requesting items to be ordered or shipped.

  • Pick-List Functionality for moving items from site to site.

  • Item Master Inventory lists.

  • Site-specific reorder (par) levels.

  • Site-specific maximum order levels.

  • Site-specific purchase orders.

  • Multiple location and multiple vendor assignment on individual items.

  • Location-specific quantities.

  • Site-specific reorder level and max-usage level warnings.

  • Easily move stock between sites.

Product Features

  • Full web-based system, no software to install.

  • Access data from anywhere.

  • No servers or databases to maintain.

  • Optimized screens for PC, tablets, and phones.

  • One price delivers everything, with new features continually added.

  • Affordable prices based on number of site locations and amount of data.

  • Easy interfacing from/to healthcare supplier systems.

Turn-key Solutions

SurgiCare Software's support staff can provide full turn-key solutions for your center complete with:

  • Barcode scanners.

  • Industrial barcode printers.

  • Full system training on or off-site.

  • Free importing of existing data (limitations apply).

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