• 340B tracking

    Preference Card Software

    Select or scan a patient ID - and then select or scan a medication. It's that simple to track 340B medications in CommunityCare.

    CommunityCare gives you the tools - and accountability you'll need for accurate 340B medication management.

340B Functionality

  • Patient ID scanning or selecting

  • Integration with some EMR systems.

  • Separate vendor bill-to accounts for 340B drugs.

  • Usage reporting by patient, drug, date range.

  • Supports multiple item GL codes.

Product Features

  • Full web-based system, no software to install.

  • Access data from anywhere.

  • No servers or databases to maintain.

  • Optimized screens for PC, tablets, and phones.

  • One price delivers everything, with new features continually added.

  • Affordable prices based on number of site locations and amount of data.

  • Easy interfacing from/to healthcare supplier systems.

Turn-key Solutions

SurgiCare Software's support staff can provide full turn-key solutions for your center complete with:

  • Barcode scanners.

  • Industrial barcode printers.

  • Full system training on or off-site.

  • Free importing of existing data (limitations apply).

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